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The following sites show the mileage from real customers from mostly central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) for different mid & hub drives and in addition common used gear hubs with or without belt drives.


In the charts you can see

  • for how long were the motors working w/o damage
  • if there exist motor problems with the system
  • when or at what mileage occured a motor damage.

From all registered e-bikes (pedelecs) the mileages are summarized in one chart per motor system or gear hub.

Here is one example for a Bosch system, x-axis in kilometers.


  • GREEN: the motor is running w/o failure or damage
  • RED: the motor is damaged or not working at the shown mileage
  • WHITE: the motor was intact, when it was replaced
  • All listed bikers gave a mileage update within the last 12 month.

The more people are sharing their experiences like the current mileage and the motor problems, the better an estimation for the reliability could be performed. Especially if you want to buy a used pedelec, these data could help to find good  and reliable motor systems.


So please join and show your mileage to make the pedelecmonitor.

Popular mid drives

Popular hub drives

Gear hubs and belts


Another main focus is a customer database with real biker feedback, listed here.

  • „Just Hello!“ – ride as much as possibile in a few days (max 30 days or 800km)
  • „Quick&Dirty“ – higher than average usage, e.g. heavy duty, many meter altitude
    (max 24 month or 10.000km)
  • „10.000km+“ – long term experiences at all weather conditions
    (lifetime for commuter bikes: 30.000km or 60 month)


You like to share your good or bad experiences? Join and register your pedelec !
If your pedelec/ebike is already listed, you can update your mileage.

All charts are free to use!