Riese&Müller Charger GT Tour 2018 with Bosch CX (10.000km+)

Steve is a biker from Canada and when I asked for sharing his experiences, he started to write his text immediately. DONE! A few words about the why R+M and the changes.


„I feel that all heavy Ebikes should have stronger suspension and brakes and chains.“


Alasdair’s Giant Quick-E+ (US) with Yamaha PW (Quick&Dirty)

Alasdair is no member of the pedelecmonitor. I found his bike review on an EBR-Forum-Thread. The header was „my biggest issue with the ebike reviews, is that I can’t find any reviews over long term use“ – he matched exactly my thoughts.

So I was asking for reviews – positives and negatives. Here is Alasdairs statement about his Giant Quick-E+ with the Yamaha PW syncdrive.



I also have a child seat on it to run errands with my 14mo, he loves it![…] Weiterlesen