Riese&Müller Charger GT Tour 2018 with Bosch CX (10.000km+)

Steve is a biker from Canada and when I asked for sharing his experiences, he started to write his text immediately. DONE! A few words about the why R+M and the changes.


„I feel that all heavy Ebikes should have stronger suspension and brakes and chains.“


Oles Kalkhoff Integrale i8 LTD with ImpulseEVO (10.000km+)

Olepro is a real commuter. He uses his Kalkhoff every day and at all weather conditions. But the subjective feeling about the speed on 34km mostly straight routes per day with just few traffic lights is: „too slow„! So he had to find a way to get faster. Here he shares his experiences with the ImpulseEVO motor and a tuning box.



„The motor is really silent, probably caused by the new grease. The new more powerful spring in the freewheel has changed everything.“