Oles Kalkhoff Integrale i8 LTD with ImpulseEVO (10.000km+)

Olepro is a real commuter. He uses his Kalkhoff every day and at all weather conditions. But the subjective feeling about the speed on 34km mostly straight routes per day with just few traffic lights is: „too slow„! So he had to find a way to get faster. Here he shares his experiences with the ImpulseEVO motor and a tuning box.



„The motor is really silent, probably caused by the new grease. The new more powerful spring in the freewheel has changed everything.“

Olepro is one of a few pedelecmonitor biker that uses a tuning box. And in addition he is one of the few lucky biker that has no single issue with his Impulse motor. Until today I found no patterns for failing or non failing units!

After 2,5 years olepro checked the inner gears and bearings of his ImpulseEVO. His photos and his perceptions are a real enrichment for the blog. In addition he checked the belt drivetrain – read about the very interesting belt and sprocket condition after 18.000km! If you have further questions, please use the comments function below.

Read Olepros long term review on GoogleDrive (external linked document).

Additional information from olepro for all Germans: „At the moment in Denmark it is legal to use speed pelecs (45 km/h) on the cycle path and without registration of the bike. It’s a kind of pilot project that runs for a year, and then will be evaluated to see if it courses too much trouble in the traffic. The government believe it will make more people switch from car to e-bike.“



Thanks olepro for sharing your great experiences. I’m sure this article helps other bikers to fix their motors after expired warranty when noise issues will occur. Keep up the good work!

(PHOTOS: Olepro)

Ein Gedanke zu “Oles Kalkhoff Integrale i8 LTD with ImpulseEVO (10.000km+)

  1. Werkman 15. August 2019 / 17:28

    Hallo mooie verhalen en analyses wat ik mis is goede onderdelen tekening van de EVO Rs motor kan deze toegevoegd worden

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