Alasdair’s Giant Quick-E+ (US) with Yamaha PW (Quick&Dirty)

Alasdair is no member of the pedelecmonitor. I found his bike review on an EBR-Forum-Thread. The header was „my biggest issue with the ebike reviews, is that I can’t find any reviews over long term use“ – he matched exactly my thoughts.

So I was asking for reviews – positives and negatives. Here is Alasdairs statement about his Giant Quick-E+ with the Yamaha PW syncdrive.



I also have a child seat on it to run errands with my 14mo, he loves it![…]

I have a 2017 Quick E+ US spec […]. It has been generally great and allows me to get to work faster over my 20 miles each way commute (LA really sucks to drive), while getting in a little exercise and fresh air. I commute 40 miles per day over one pass, 1200ft climbing at 3-6%. 

I’ve made a few modifications to the basic spec changing the contact points (pedals, grips and saddle) to ones that suit me plus fitting some faster tyres. There is a noticeable difference between the standard tyres and the WTB Horizons 47c and the bike retains way more speed while being more grippy and comfortable.


For anyone commuting in dense traffic I would recommend trimming down the bars (Mine are at 580mm) as the stock ones come in very wide and embarrassingly led to me hitting the deck while filtering in my first week riding the bike and breaking a few ribs.


Some changes I made that weren’t totally essential were removing the computer mount (half a pound of metal!) and getting rid of the front mech – really why does it even have two chainrings? Security skewers and seat post binder give me more peace of mind, although i’d never leave this locked up for long. I also ran it derestricted for a while by relocating the speed sensor but wouldn’t advise this as it really doesn’t have the power to go much faster that 30mph (without an additional 500watt effort from me) and I got frequent error messages and shut offs. Not good.

Next mods are lights, I have an AXA Blueline 50 LUX on order which I’m hoping will work better than the 30 LUX thats stock. Source

UPDATE: I had originally bought an AXA light from Germany and they sent the wrong one. As i’m a little impatient I looked what I could get quickly and came up with the Supernova E3 V6 which has been brighter than expected and just the right side of usable at 45kph+.


It’s done around 5,000 miles now and has been very reliable save to a thermal cut out issue I’ve been having on hot days here in LA. I have a 15 min climb on my way home (Sepulveda Pass) and if the temp is over 85deg F. (approx. 30 deg. C.) it will cut out before I get to the top. Powering off, then on again and soft pedaling for a while usually fixes the issue. It also seems perkier in the cool weather.

The brakes got an overhaul with new pads and a bleed – it has made a huge difference. I was going to replace them but think i’ll put that off for a while. Still need to find a brighter rear light too. Source


Love it, best bike purchase in a while. Faster than a car over the same journey and very low running costs. No reliability issues really, I have a giant store close by so confident I can have any issues sorted quickly if they arise. Would recommend, and buy again.

Thanks for sharing your experiences of your Giant. I hope your little son and you are enjoying every ride.

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